Friday, May 23, 2008

Concept to Creation

This post (and subsequent posts) is like the title says. I am going to try and show how I go from concept to creation. Over on the drawingboard ( they have monthly drawing jams based on a character or theme (in the Superheroes section) and people submit their drawings based on that for comments and critiques....and some fun too! It's a great idea for professionals who just want to draw something for themselves after a long day of working for the man!....and the plus side is that you don't have to think of the concept yourself!
Anyways, this is the rough sketch of the Marines fighting off Aliens, with a Predator ready for some action too!

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flaviano said...

have you joined the drawingboard? great! yeah the character jam are so inspiring and fun for our spare time and to have the chance to see creations also from big people like steve gordon mike thomas or rodolphe guenden is priceles! if you have time take a look to the previous years jam, a lot of great stuff!
anyway, great concept and interesting post, cant wait to see more!