Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Is this interesting?

I'm trying to work on singular drawings that make the viewer want to know more about the story. These will be quick sketches with personality and atmosphere as the main goals.
Let me know your thoughts as I go through this.


flaviano said...

woah!! i dont know what i say...i'm flattered you watched my blog but your words really hit me! i always watched house of cool blog (you guys are really lucky to work with such of talented people)and always liked your storyboard panel, really clen and clear but dynamic at the same time (and this is a big challenge, so hard!).
few days ago i've discovered your blog! really inspired!
just linked!
thanks again man, have good work and take care!

kalle said...

I'm curious... confused and liking it. Keep it up!

kalle said...

sounds good. give me a little more time.. i want to finish up a couple more villians. my ocd says to keep all these posts in order. but, yer on!

kalle said...

RAD! I'll do it as fast as I can.