Monday, May 16, 2011

Hand inked pages!!!

These are various panels from a set of pages that I recently finished for a movie pitch package. The roughs were done in sketchbook pro and brought into Photoshop for editing, then were printed in blue on marker paper. The panels were blown up so that 1 or 2 panels were printed on a full 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. When scanned back in and reduced back to its original size, it sharpens up the lines.
So I inked these with an assortment of markers. Pen tip as well as brush tips, and sharpies are great for filling in large black areas. Inking the panels took about 2 hrs a page, with lots of breaks to let ink dry.
This was a ton of fun since I've been almost completely digital for the last several years, and no crtl-z to work with!!!! I know that I was going to scan them in again and make fixes, but still I got a rush out of it!
So now I'm going to try and work this way for a while and see what happens.



Shawn said...

Stop having fun. It's not fair.

Drew said...

Try not to be too jealous, although I can see why you would be ;)

Myke Bakich said...

Fantastic pages man!

nooch said...

there is something about taking it back to basics, using your hands to create... makes art come ALIVE